Hello Palmetto Middle School Community! 2017-2018

I’m Katie Abbott, the returning PTSA President, and a proud Palmetto Middle alumna. I want to welcome returning and new families to a new school year. PTSA had a great year last year, and I want to THANK YOU for your ongoing support of our school. Thanks to your volunteer hours and donations, PTSA was able to help with auditorium updates, Teacher Mini-Grants, beautification improvements, student needs, and more.

Although supporting our own school is my #1 priority, I have also worked closely with our area PTAs and community leaders to promote our amazing neighborhood schools. It can be a challenge with the current focus on options such as magnet, charter, and private schools. Fortunately for our students, we continue to believe that Palmetto Middle School is the most well-rounded choice that will continue to serve our neighborhood and strengthen our community. Palmetto is unique, as we offer 5 levels of education, and each individual student is supported to reach his or her own personal best. Our highest achieving students can receive high school credit for certain math and science courses, take high school level foreign languages, as well as required classes for specialized high school programs. We also take pride in our school’s amazing science department, Fine Arts opportunities, and more.

PTSA has a lot of plans for this school year, but we cannot continue to do these wonderful programs without your support. Unfortunately, Florida school funding is among the lowest per capita. Our PTSA is doing everything we can to help make up for it. Please consider joining the PTSA. We are running a back-to-school membership and donation drive with a goal of raising $40,000.  Please look carefully at the choices on the membership form. Fundraising can be difficult, but it is the only avenue that allows us the latitude to take on projects involving our facility, technology upgrades, and major equipment purchases. We hope you will help us reach our goal.

If you would rather join and/or support us online, you may do so at this website: http://www.pmsptsa.org/join.html Note that we receive more of your donation dollars when you write a check, as we have to pay an online fee for credit card transactions.

PTSA membership and support and donations are not just for parents. We encourage teachers (the ‘T’ in PTSA), students (the ‘S’ in PTSA), and community members such as grandparents and alumni to join and support us. If you work for a large company, we ask that you look into a company match program, as many have them for organizations such as ours.

In addition, if you have family or friends who are business owners and may be interested in being a Palmetto PTSA Business Sponsor (it’s tax-deductible), please see our PTSA Business Sponsorship Packet.

Our first PTSA meeting is on September 6th at 9 AM at school.  I would be honored to meet you and discuss our budget and goals for this year. Or, if you ever have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly. Please look at our calendar for other meeting dates throughout the year.

PTSA and school communications at the middle school are paperless. Please see the Resources on the attached Directory to see how you can stay informed. The LINK e-newsletter is best, but updates can also be found on our app, Facebook page, and Instagram page. Please also note the PTSA meeting dates on the Directory, and put them in your calendar now to ensure you don’t miss them. An hour a month is a small price to pay to stay informed.

Again, thank you so much for your ongoing support, and I look forward to seeing you at school.

Katie Abbott     KatieLAbbott@comcast.net    646-541-7339

PS Another EASY way to support us is to use this Amazon URL for all of your Amazon purchases. There is NO COST to you for using it, and Amazon gives our PTSA a percentage of sales, when purchased through this specific URL. Bookmark it for easy reference! Please share.  https://www.amazon.com/?ie=UTF8&tag=palmettomiddleptsa-20

We also collect Box Tops in our main office. More info:  http://www.boxtops4education.com



Join and Donate Online

To find out more about the different categories, including what they fund and bonuses you may receive at certain levels, click here.


$25.00- Family Membership

$8.00- Teachers/Staff

$30-$150 Friends of Students

Child Name, Grade, HR Teacher
Your Name

$200 Bronze

$300 Silver

$600 Gold

Child Name, Grade, HR Teacher
Child Name, Grade, HR Teacher
Child Name, Grade, HR Teacher

$1000- 8th Grade Platinum Membership

Child Name, Grade, HR Teacher




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